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Automotive Tools
We have a good range of automotive tools for hire including axle stands, sockets, cylinder hones and many more for reconditioning and maintenance of cars and commercial vehicles..
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Code Type Uses
Stands, axle
For the support of axles on cars, trailers etc
Make sure that supporting ground is clear of loose objects and is firm enough to stand weight, preferably use concrete floor, or tarmac, at a minimum heavily compacted scoria.


Code Ht Wt
Max 600mm Up to 1000kg
Car buff, 7 in For the cutting and polishing of a car paint finish.  Slow speed rotary buff either sponge rubber to apply cutting compound or lambs wool bonnet to polish.
Socket sets To loosen or tighten hexagonal nuts
Tools, excluding hones & hoists General tools for assistance in work to be done. Cylinder hones used for polishing bores of engine/hydraulic cylinders etc.
Tools, large, including cylinder hone

General small tools for assistance.  Ring compressor to aid in insertion of pistons into cylinders.

Tools, small, including valve lifter ring compressor etc For reconditioning and maintenance of automobiles.
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