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We have for hire, a good selection of tools and equipment for breaking out concrete, asphalt, rock and demolition work, including spades, chisels, cutters, drills, drill bits and scabblers.


Safety: When using machines and tools, use earmuffs/safety goggles and hardhat/gloves/safety boots. Ensure you are familiar with the operation of the equipment. If electricity involved do not power leads longer than 20m and use a Residual current device.


Breakers: Used for breaking out concrete/asphalt/rock and demolition work

Breaker Accessories: Spades/chisels/cutters for use with breakers

Air Drills: Pneumatic drills for masonry

Drill Bits: For use with the above drills

Scabblers: For the reduction of floor levels and rough preparation for floor toppings


We stock a variety of breakers for all types of demolition work including pneumatic and hydraulic breakers for hire






Code: 2000
Description : Heavy pneumatic breaker Two handed machine that must be used with air compressor at least 70 cfm, point and chisel 1 3/8in hex. For breaking out concrete/rock/asphalt/demolition

Code: 2001
Description : Medium pneumatic breaker Two handed machine that must be used with air compressor at least 60 cfm/100psi, with point and chisel 1 3/8in hex. For breaking out concrete/rock/asphalt/demolition.

Code: 2002
Description : Breaker and hydraulic power pack Comprises one petrol powered hydraulic power pack connected by hose to a two handed breaker. For breaking out concrete/rock/asphalt/demolition.

Code: 2003
Description : Breaker, heavy, Hilti For the demolition/breaking up of concrete/asphalt and brick

Code: 2004
Description : Breaker, light, H41 As above

Code: 2005
Description : Breaker, Medium, H50 As above

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Breaker Accessories

We have breaker equipment for hire that includes clay spades, wide chisels, and asphalt cutters and points.

Breaker Accessories


Code: 2020
Description : Clay spade/wide chisel/asphalt cutter

Code: 2021
Description : Points, chisels

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Air Drills

We have a variety of drills for hire that would be suitable for most heavy needs including air drills.


Code: 2060
Description : Cordless c/w charger

Code: 2061
Description : Drill Drilling holes in all types of material up to 10 mm, variable speed, normally reversible.

Code: 2062
Description : Drill 12 mm

Code: 2063
Description : Drill 16 mm, 2 speed, impact

Code: 2064
Description : Rota-Broach Drilling holes in steel beams etc, Drill press with magnetic hold, side, upside down.

Code: 2065
Description : Air drill Small, uses tungsten carbide bits up to 25 mm diameter

Code: 2066
Description : Air drill Pneumatic, up to 38 mm diameter drills used

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Drill Bits

We stock a variety of masonry bits up to 50mm core for hire.

Drill Bits

Code: 2080
Description : Masonry To 14 mm

Code: 2081
Description : Masonry 15 - 38 mm

Code: 2082
Description : Masonry Over 38 mm

Code: 2083
Description : Masonry Scouring head/spades etc

Code: 2084
Description : Masonry 50 mm core

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We stock several types of scabblers for hire that are used for roughing up and level reduction of concrete, brick or stone.




Code: 2050
Description : Floor 3 head, requires 120 cfm, used for reducing concrete floor levels, leaves rough pitted surface for good topping key

Code: 2051
Description : Floor 5 headed, requires 160 cfm. Heavy duty concrete floor level reduction

Code: 2052
Description : Hand 3 headed, requires 50 cfm. Wall and ceiling concrete/brick/stone roughing up and level reduction. Hand held.

Code: 2053
Description : Needle gun For the removal of rust off steel , roughing and cleaning up of concrete surfaces

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