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Cleaning Equipment for Hire

If you have a cleaning or rubbish problem or about to make one, we can supply for hire your cleaning and rubbish equipment needs from water blasters, wet and dry vacuum cleaners to rubbish chutes that are used for the safe dumping of rubbish of multi-storey buildings into skips on the ground.

Chutes: Rubbish chutes for the safe disposal of rubbish from multi storey buildings into skip bins

Vacuum cleaners: Both wet and dry and back pack

Water blasters: Electric and petrol models available

Building & Construction Rubbish Chutes for Hire

We stock for hire, several types of equipment for the safe removal of rubbish from your home, building or construction site.




Code: 3010
Description : Polyethylene

Used for the safe dumping of rubbish off multi storey buildings into skips. 750mm in diameter, large capacity. Custom built up to 40m in height.


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Industrial and Domestic Vacuum Cleaners for Hire

We have a number of vacuum cleaners for hire suitable for home, office and industrial use including wet areas


Vacuum Cleaners


Code: 3020
Description : Vacuum

Industrial cleaner - building sites etc, removal of flooded water

Specifications : Kerrick Wheeled Electric, 230v, single phase, 2 motor, with water drain 35 litres

Code: 3021
Description : Vacuum

Cleaning industrial/domestic areas of dry rubbish only

Specifications : Kerrick Wheeled Electric, 230v, single phase, 2 motor, 35 litres

Code: 3022
Description : Back Pack

Ideal for office cleaning and stairs, dry rubbish only

Specifications : Pullman Back pack Electric, 230v, single phase

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Water blasters

We can provide a variety of water blasters for hire and use around the house, your car, and general use on building and construction sites

Water blasters


Code: 3030
Description : Medium

Pressure cleaning of concrete / paintwork / decking / domestic use - portable, suitcase size.

Specifications : 1500 psi Hand carried Electric, 230v, single phase

Code: 3031
Description :Trolley

General cleaning, unit on trolley

Specifications : 1800 psi Hand carried Petrol

Code: 3032
Description : Large

Heavy cleaning of bricks, blocks and concrete, slime, can be used with wet sandblasting head for scale and heavy stock removal

Specifications : 2000 psi Trailer or carriage Petrol

Code: 3033
Description : Large

Heavy cleaning. Nozzles range from pencil singular to wide low pressure - can handle suds

Specifications : 2500 psi Carriage mounted Petrol, with Selecta nozzle, 4 nozzles

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