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BBQ's - SPIT's - Table & Chairs for Hire

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We can hire you, BBQs, spits, marquees, tables and chairs for you family, business or corporate function


We have for hire a number of BBQs for all your family, business or corporate functions



Code: 5000
Description : 3 Burner - Gas Burner

Code: 5001
Description : 4 Burner - Gas Burner


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Spits for Hire

We have for hire small and large electric BBQ spits for your family, business or corporate function. Call us




Code: 5003
Description : SMALL Electric, gas fired, including gas, up to 40kg


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Tables and Chairs for Hire

We can supply for hire all your tables and chairs for your family, business or corporate functions.




Table's and Chairs

Code: 5002
Description : Chairs Plastic

Code: 5005
Description : Tables Catering

6 and 8 ft long c/w trestles



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