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New In Stock :

Easy Up Gazebo Marquee 3x3m
• This easy pop-up water proof and wind & UV resistant 3x3 meter Gazebo / Marquee with heavy duty frame is perfect for outdoor entertaining.
• Easy Setup - this popup free standing gazebo is easy to erect, you can have this one ready in just a few minutes with minimal effort required!
• Folding it away again is just as quick and easy!
• Fabrics - All fabrics in this versatile model are water resistant polyester construction, so you & your guests can enjoy yourselves no matter what the weather is like!
• Protection - The roof is a heavy duty weave.
• We have had the manufacturer further add water resistant PVC-coating to make it water resistant, wind resistant & with 99% UV block – protect against the elements.
• Heavy Duty - Beware of cheap & nasty gazebos out there - our gazebo is a solid heavy duty construction
• Perfect for Outdoor Picnics & Backyard BBQ’s – keep it on stand-by in case the weather turns bad & set it up in a flash. No need to keep planning ahead for your next outdoor event.
• Also ideal for - Street & Flea Markets, Sporting Events, Camping & Beach Outings, Corporate Events, School Events, Fairs & Festivals, Street Vendors, Parties, Weddings, Special Occasions ....
• Gazebo Features:
Gazebo Size: 3 x 3 Meters
Simple pop-up design - No frame assembly required
Unique quick & easy pop-up setup - canopy just folds and unfolds with ease
Height adjustable vertical poles – locks the desired height into place
Unit cloths are 99% UV, Water and Wind resistant – protect against the elements.
Top Roof Canopy: 1 piece cover (High-density 600D oxford cloth with PVC-coating)
Overall height: (3 Meters) Wall Height: (2 Meters)
Assembled Dimensions: 300 x 300 x 300cm.
• Heavy Duty Frame Construction:
Main unit is heavy duty foldable gazebo skeletal frame construction
The folding frame snap-locks in place with a button lock-release at each corner.
Telescopic 2-piece square cross-section legs - unlock and slide down at the press of a button
• Package Inclusions:
3 x 3m easy pop up gazebo skeletal frame structure



Tables & Chairs Helium Ballons Glassware
1.8m Trestle table $10 Cylinders  Normandy Wine 190ml .40c Each
2.4m Trestle table $11 0.5cm3  upto 70 Ballons $70 Princessa Champagne flute .45c Each
Round 900mm resin $10 1.3cm3 upto 180 Balloons $145 Perception Wine 325ml .50c Each
Round 1.2m seats 6 $12 2.5cm3 upto 350 Balloons $245 Perception Red Wine 292ml .50c Each
Round 1.5m seats 8 $15 3.5cm3 upto 500 balloons $310 Perception Flute 170ml .50c Each
Round 1.8m seats 10 $20 7cm3 upto 950 Balloons $570 Hi Ball  380ml .50c Each
Oval resin 1.35mx.900mm $15
Beer Handle .45c Each
Childs Table small square resin $4.50 Helium fill customers own $2.00 Cocktail/martini 177ml .55c Each
childs trestle table  $10 Plain balloon + fill & Ribbon $2.55 Shot .40c Each
Bench seats 2.4m $12 Metallic Balloon + fill & Ribbon $2.60 Jugs $3.50
White Resin $2.65 Printed & Patterned POA
White folding $2.75 Foil POA
Childs Plastic Assorted Colours $1.50 Electric Balloon Inflator $22.50
Catering Equipment Crockery Luxor Range
Bain Marie 3pot $40 Avantgarde Range Forks Table & Entrιe 50c Each
Cake stand Single tier $8.50 Side Plate 17cm 65c Each Knives Table & Entrιe 50c Each
Cooking Pots Large $12 Buffet Plate 23.5cm 65c Each Spoons Dessert, Soup & Tea 50c Each
Ham Stand s/s $5.50 Dinner Plate 27cm 65c Each Atlantis range
Coffee Urn  50cup $23 Large dinner Plate  32cm 85c Each Forks 30c Each
Hot Water Urn 16lt $25 Dessert Bowl 18cm 65c Each Knives 30c Each
Pie Warmer Large $38 Cup & Saucer 75c Each Spoons 30c Each
Pie Warmer Small $30 Cappuccino Cup & Saucer 80c Each Cake forks 30c Each
Chaffing Dish $13.50 Milk Jug 250ml $2.40 Each Wedding Cake knife $4.00
Chaffing dish fuel $3 Milk Jug  1 Litre $4.75 Each Tongs $1.50
Tea Pots  $6.50 Gravy Boat & Base $4.75 Each Salad Servers $3.50
Glass Bowls Large $2.90 Salt & Pepper (filled) $2.75 (set) Ladles $1.50
Glass bowls small $1.90 Sugar Bowl $1.75 Each Carving set $7.00
Tray s/s Small $3.50 Tea Pot $4.50 Each Serving spoons $1.50
Tray s/s Large $4.50 Square Platter 30cm $4.00 Each Cake Slice $1.50
Oval platter s/s small $2.25 Square platter 36cm $4.50 each Pizza Slice  $1.50
Oval Platter s/s Large $4.50 Square Platter 40cm $5.00 Each Linen White
Rectangular Platters s/s Small $2.00 Recatangular Platter 41x23cm $5.50 Each 1.4m x 1.8m $8.00
Round tray s/s $4.00 Rectangular Platter 46x28cm $6.00 Each 1.4m x 3m $8.00
Wooden Trays $1.00 Oval Platter 41x19.5cm $6.00 Each 2.3m Round  $18
Wooden Bowls $2.00 Outdoor Equipment 3.0m Round $19
Carving spike dish $4.50 BBQ 3 burner inc gas $53 3.3m round $20
Heat lamps $25 BBQ 4 Burner inc gas $65 Lights & Effects
Electric hot plate Twin $25 BBQ 5 Burner inc gas $75 Black Light $30
Arcopal range BBQ mate & tongs  $10 Disco Light $55
Side plate 15cm 40c Each Brazier inc gas $60 Festoon Lights 10 m $20
Dinner Plate 23cm 40c Each Brazier (wood) $35 Fairy Lights  Per Mt $2.00
Dessert Bowl 40c Each Patio Heater inc Gas $80 Strobe Light  $50
Soup bowl 40c Each Spit inc Gas (70kg Meat Capacity) $100 Mirror Ball 300mm $40
Cup & Saucer 45c Each Ezi Up Canopy 2.4x2.4m $80 Smoke Machine $60
Bar Equipment Ezi Up Canopy 3x3m $100

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Bar Portable $100 Ezi up Canopy 3x4.5m $125
Bar Leaners $22.50 Ezi Up Canopy 3x6m $150
Beer Jug(plastic) $1.75 Walls for Ezi Up  $15
Ashtray $0.75 Weights For Ezi Up $3
Nip measure $4.50
Fridge $100
Wine Fridge $50
Ice Bucket $6.00
Wine Carafe $2.50
Punch Bowl & Ladle $15